Time to learn Cloud Computing - 2014 Cloud Jobs

Now a days every one and every where talks about Cloud Computing which the current technologies and big companies all looking at the Cloud solution. However, is it really required to leave the current jobs and move to cloud environment, how far this is correct?

Cloud Computing is a concept or a layer based technology which works on the virtualization base. Now IBM acquired Soft Layer for the cloud also taken the Platinum Membership in OpenStack group. OpenStack is a open source which IBM team can directly make the changes to the source code and create a new platform for the Cloud. To make the changes to OpenStack, it is required learn Python programming language.

As per the survey, there are about 14 million jobs will get created on Cloud Computing all over the world. However, in this 80% would be for the developers and the rest 20% for the Infrastructure Support jobs.

Already different courses are available to learn Cloud in India. In India Benguluru, Hyderabad Chennai based local training institutes are offering the new courses. There is a training institute named 'TheCloudEnabled' offering Cloud Certification courses as well in the above said cities.

Guys, lets move on and learn new 'Cloud' based courses and be cloudenabled. WAG Blog will share more details about Cloud courses in the upcoming posts, keep visiting the blog.

Please leave your comments if you have any, WAG Blog Admin will answer your queries.

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